National Income Life Insurance Company Friends

National Income Life�s parent company, American Income Life, has been honored by countless national progressive organizations and labor unions for their dedication and "tireless [...] support of social justice and progressive politicians committed to enlarging democracy's embrace." - Bill Moyers

A. Philip Randolph Institute

"Your contribution was received by us as continued evidence that mutual commitment to achieve justice and equality for all, works best when we work together. Our success depends on support from friends like you."

Clayola Brown, President

Alliance for Retired Americans

"I want to thank you for your help with funding for the Alliance for Retired Americans' political program this year [...] It is a critical election for us, and you know how key the senior vote will be."

Ed Coyle, Executive Director

American Family Voices

"Since our founding, AFV and I, personally, have had a good friend – a man named Bernard Rapoport. 'B' founded American Income Life Insurance Company in 1951 with a mission to help labor unions and their members by providing low-cost insurance policies to union members. As the company grew over the years, B and the company became generous contributors to a wide variety of progressive organizations, think tanks, magazines, and authors, all over the country.

"Bill Moyers said that B 'has been tireless in his support of social justice and progressive politicians committed to enlarging democracy's embrace.' He has been honored by a wide variety of great progressive organizations. Along with Working Assets and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, AIL has provided a model of a progressive company."

Mike Lux, Founder

American Rights at Work

"The support of American Income Life Insurance Company will enable us to further our mission to fight for a nation where the freedom of workers to organize unions and bargain collectively with employers is restored, guaranteed, and promoted. We could not do what we do without your leadership and support. We are proud and honored to work with you and American Income Life Insurance Company."

David Bonior, Chair
Mary Beth Maxwell, Executive Director

Campaign for America's Future

"Lots of businesses want to be known as 'progressive' these days. But American Income Life (AIL), founded by the inimitable Bernard Rapoport, has been progressive since its very first days in 1951. They built their business serving and supporting the labor movement, and 'B' Rapoport has been a major donor to progressive politicians and groups – including the Campaign for America's Future."

Roger Hickey, Co-Director

DC Labor Film Fest

"Your generous support once again enabled this popular cultural event to reach a broad and growing audience in the metro Washington area [...] We were very pleased to be able to once again acknowledge AIL as the Labor Film Fest's Premier Sponsor."

Jos Williams, President, Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO

Faith & Politics Institute

"We are grateful for your pledge, which will support our work in drawing bipartisan attention to issues that affect working people."

Reverend J. Cletus Kiley, President & CEO

International Union of Police Associations

"Commitment and dedication to serving and protecting citizens is a significant part of our culture at the International Union of Police Associations... That's why we are excited about endorsing a national program designed to help protect America's children offered through American Income Life and National Income Life."

Sam Cabral, President

Newspaper Guild

"In supporting [the Newspaper Guild Freedom Award Fund] as a benefactor, you demonstrate your commitment to the principles on which this award was founded: freedom of the press, compassion for the weak and disadvantaged, and distrust for unbridled power."

Linda Fowley, President

Office & Professional Employees International Union

"The American Income Life / National Income Life 'Messaging, Mobilizing, Money' political campaign is a powerful force for working people [...] Home visits to members of local unions and non-union workers who share common challenges and goals have catapulted AIL/NILICO into a full political partner with the labor movement."

Michael Goodwin, President

Service Employees International Union

"We at SEIU view the National Workrights Institute an important ally and are dedicated to the expansion of human rights in "workplace" America. Thank you again for your generous support of this program."

Alison Reardon, Director of Legislation