National Income Life Insurance Company Philosophy

A Different Kind of Insurance Company

National Income Life Insurance Company has a history and tradition of partnering with the working family community: through national and local leaders, advocating for key issues and campaigns, and investing in a public agenda that reflects the core values of importance to all working people.

We Are Socially Responsible

We have supported progressive causes our policy holders believe in. We make contributions to organizations like Economic Policy Institute, Campaign for America's Future, American Rights at Work, and Project VOTE. They research, analyze and propose solutions on fair trade, good jobs, health care reform, environmental sustainability, and electing fair-minded candidates.

We also contribute to educational scholarships at adult learning centers and traditional universities. Our service center staff, who are covered under an Office and Professional Employees International Union collective bargaining contract, volunteer as reading tutors.

We Are Relevant

We deal with bread and butter issues.

In public, we rally and rail against the privatization of social security, promote pension reform, and demand accountability in protecting workers' retirement assets.

In private, we protect one family at a time. We sit at kitchen tables. We offer affordable, permanent, portable life insurance. We have relevant conversations.

We Are Loyal

We stand behind our products and our policy holders. Through our lay-off waiver of premiums and strike waivers, working families can expect to keep their coverage when they are most in need.