Partnering to strengthen your Association

NILICO’s goal is to protect all working families, and this protection extends to associations. Regardless of whether your association is for licensed professionals, fraternal organization, or recreational purposes, your members deserve that peace of mind.

Community Service

Our state and local agencies are involved in charities, fund-raising events, community projects, scholarships, and food banks, to name a few. It's what we do and how we support our marketplaces.

Marketing Plans

PERSONALIZED SERVICE - Just as the different types of associations are varied, so are their needs and goals. We listen to association directors and work with them to develop marketing plans specific to their needs, all at no cost to the association.

PERSONALIZED MARKETING PLANS - Whether your goals are membership renewal, membership retention, association growth through new members or enhancing your association profile within your community, our programs can benefit you.

  • Collateral Marketing
  • Surveys
  • Member Educational Materials
  • Value Added Benefits
  • Financial Support
  • Scholarships
  • Newsletters
  • Members Recruitment
  • Event Promotion and Support


NILICO provides ongoing accountability with regular reporting. We work closely with association directors, providing feedback on the marketing plans and membership participation.

More Information

NILICO is dedicated to helping individuals, groups, and organizations meet their needs. For more information on how National Income Life can partner with your Association to provide valuable benefits to your members, please click below:

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