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A Different Kind of Insurance Company

The Working People's Movement

From its inception, Bernard Rapoport founded American Income Life, and later National Income Life, on the bedrock of social justice and activism. Like you, we deal with bread and butter issues. AIL and NILICO have a long history and rich tradition of partnering with the progressive community: through national and local leaders, advocating for key issues and campaigns, and investing in a public policy agenda that reflects the core values of importance to all working people.

Together with its parent company, National Income Life is working with the country's most prominent progressive organizations, leaders, and activists. This includes working with the leaders and membership of over 45 international unions.

Who We Are as a Progressive Company

We are Socially Responsible

We have supported progressive causes our policy holders believe in. We make contributions to organizations like Economic Policy Institute, Campaign for America's Future, American Rights at Work, and Project VOTE. These organizations research, analyze, and propose solutions on fair trade, good jobs, health care reform, environmental sustainability, and electing fair-minded candidates.

Helping protect families is what we do best. In the halls of Congress, we advocate and defend progressive public policy. Through public issue campaigns and political activism, we fight for the core values of importance to all working people. At a family's kitchen table, we offer permanent, affordable supplemental insurance. We build community and, by working together, we find solutions.

Our Commitment to the Progressive Movement

MISSION STATEMENT: To be a partner in the progressive movement,
in word and deed.

AIL and NILICO have set themselves apart from the other 1,800 life insurance companies in North America.

Our agents have walked picket lines on behalf of striking workers, collected food for needy families, and participated in coordinated Get Out The Vote campaigns nationwide for progressive campaigns.

In word and deed, through thick and thin, NILICO has shown leadership in making thoughtful choices, careful decisions and really listening to working families' needs. We are ready for the next conversation.

More Information

NILICO's Progressive Partners Program is dedicated to helping individuals, groups, and organizations meet their needs. For more information on how National Income Life can partner with your Progressive Organization to provide valuable benefits to your members, please click below:

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