National Income Life Insurance Company Claim Services

Death Claim

We will need the following information sent to us by mail in order to evaluate the claim for benefits:

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Claim Form completed by the Beneficiary
  3. Original Policy
  4. Newspaper Obituary if available
  5. Assignment Form, if any (no special form required)
  6. HIPAA Medical Authorization Release Form (if Policy is within 2 years of issue)

Funeral homes may use their standard assignment form or our Freedom of Choice form to assign benefits.


Special Instructions

If death is due to an accident or homicide, we will also need the police accident report.

For deaths occuring within 2 years of the policy issue date, completion of the claim form by the beneficiary and the Physician's Statement by the attending physician is required.

Send the completed information to:

National Income Life Insurance Company
c/o National Income Life Service Center
P.O. Box 2608
Waco, TX 76797

Other Claims

For all other claims, please print the appropriate claim document below and follow the instructions at the top of the form: